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Iconoclastic and empowered: the new wave of Middle Eastern Australian women writers

MENA women writers are gaining momentum in major literary prizes and across the nation’s bookstores, but is this movement iconoclastic?

As these women and their extraordinary stories come into focus,  ArtsHub considers: in what way is this movement iconoclastic, pushing against the multiple hegemonies of patriarchy and “white” Australian prejudice?

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"Accepting the Gift, Doing the Work: Angelita Biscotti Interviews Sara M Saleh"

Catching COVID-19 didn’t stop Sara Saleh from showing up to this discussion about poetry, place, and the place of poetry in the present moment. The exchange took place between 21 – 25 January 2022, quickly expanding into a 7,000-word conversation. The below interview reveals a condensed version of this chat without removing the essence of our exchanges.

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"Fighting for social justice through advocacy and poetry"

In the quest for social justice​

Human rights activist, refugee advocate, poet and author - Sara Saleh's multiple skills and experiences have led her from research to activism - from Western Sydney to Middle East refugee camps - in her quest for social justice.

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